When carbonSolutions was founded in 2007 we had a clear goal in mind. It is our mission to transfer the scientific achievements of Prof. Markus Antonietti, director at the Max-Planck-Institute for Colloids and Interfaces in Potsdam, to an industrial scale and to contribute with such a technology towards a reduction of CO₂ emissions into the atmosphere.

C₆H₁₂O₆ → C₆H₆O₃ + 3 H₂O → C₆H₂O + 5 H₂O

Hydrothermal carbonization (HTC) is a remarkably efficient process, allowing for the conversion of biomass from most diverse sources. Water is produced by decomposing carbohydrates under pressure and temperatures. The capability for processing moist and wet biomass is a major advantage of this technology, since treatment of such biomass is generally rather difficult when using other biomass conversion technology. Therefor the bulk of suitable HTC biomass is made from various waste streams. Consequently no competition to food production is given.

We can proudly claim that we have achieved our goal: As the first company in Europe, we successfully put our fully continuously operating prototype plant with 10.000 tons annual capacity in Teltow, near Berlin, in operation in October 2010.

As the only company delving into HTC, we are now able to execute the process of coal formation, taking millions of years in nature, in a time span of only 90 minutes.

Today, owing to our close collaboration with the Max Planck Society, we can not only produce coal for energy production, but also a number of high value carbon products for a variety of industrial applications.