A large scale use of HTC technology can only become reality if answers for all arising issues are found. We have pledged ourselves to a philosophy of leaving no loose ends, working with our network of partners from both science and industry, on solutions for all relevant topics. Treatment of HTC process water was foremost on that list, calling for a processing integrating itself into the process as a whole, while being at the same time simple, reliable and economically feasible.

Carbonization of only one ton of biomass already produces several hundreds of liters of liquid, only part of which can be recycled into the HTC process. Directly discharging is prohibited by a high concentration of carbon compounds.

With the carbonPure™ process developed and now applied for patenting by carbonSolutions we now have the means to return those carbon compounds into the HTC in a highly concentrated form. Alternately such a concentrate is a transport worthy fertilizer or can be used as substrate for co-fermenting. The main part of the water can be disposed of in purified form after treatment with carbonPure. Alternately it can be put to use elsewhere, e.g. for steam generation for the HTC process, effectively reducing water consumption of the overall technology to zero.