HTC coal as CO₂ neutral fuel

Virtually limitless amounts of organic residues are available worldwide, used only sparingly or rather inefficiently. Using HTC technology many of these residues can be turned into a valuable, CO₂ neutral fuel.

Suitable residues (selection):

  • Grass cut and greenery
  • Leaves
  • Domestic organic waste
  • Residues from food production, e.g. lemon peel
  • Draff and pomace
  • Manure and dung
  • Agricultural residues

Nowadays many of these residues, especially leaves, greenery and grass cut, as well as domestic organic waste, are delivered into conventional disposal routes. During composting a major part of the carbon bound into the biomass is released as CO₂ into the atmosphere. A survey compiled for the Berlin Senate Administration for Health Environment and Consumer Protection accounts a climate impact of 50 kg of CO₂ per ton of input for the composting approach, whereas HTC is attested with a climate relief of up to 500 kg of CO₂ per ton of input.