Industrial applications

Owing to a close collaboration with the Max-Planck-Institute for Colloids and Interfaces carbonSolutions is able to implement the full extent of HTC chemistry. Using well directed modifications of the process allows to finely tune selected properties, producing specially tailored materials for different applications. Substituting high value carbon products from fossil sources using biomass refined with carbonSolutions technology opens up entirely new markets for green technology.
The raw material for the production of activated carbon is of major importance for the final product. In contrast to using fossil coals or char coal, HTC coal from carbonSolutions can be specifically designed for this purpose. HTC coals activated by special procedures yield among the highest specific surface areas known, making them of special interest e.g. for novel gas storage systems.
Being a synthetic material, HTC coal allows for customization of surface properties, ranging from selective ion exchangers to catalyst support for special nanoparticles. carbonSolutions develops tailored solutions jointly with partners and users.
Currently carbonSolutions is developing a new family of conductive carbon material in a novel process. Entirely made from biomass these materials could be put to use in applications nowadays using elaborately produced soots, special graphites or even carbon nanotubes.