carbonSolutions was founded at the end of 2007 by a number of private investors and is situated in the Europarc Dreilinden, at the gates of Berlin. End of 2010 the first fully continuously operation prototype plant was put into operation in a nearby industrial park, featuring an annual capacity of 10.000 tons per year. This pilot plant has processed various kinds of biomass so far.

Since its foundation carbonSolutions has evolved into a leading engineering company on the field of HTC, owing to a close collaboration with the Max-Planck-Society.

carbonSolutions designs HTC-projects for customers, provides the technological know-how as well as specialists for planning and production start-up. Stake-holding in operating companies is intended.

Public interest concerning our work and the opportunities involving HTC technology is immense and regularly expressed at presentation of our prototype plant.

A crowd of visitors during a press trip of the Brandenburg Minister of Environmental affairs, Anita Tack, here in conversation with carbonSolutions managing director Volker Zwing.

Green ventures 2011 (17.06.2011) The international partnership forum for environmental and energy technologies 15. -17. June 2011. (